Antep Pistachio Butter


  • Ingredients – pistachios, sugar
  • Size – 7.0 oz. | 200 g.
  • Origin – Gaziantep, Turkey

Antep pistachios are renowned for their nutty, buttery flavor and beautiful lime-green color. Our pistachios are carefully selected and sourced locally from neighboring farms, air-dried, and cracked to obtain the kernels. The kernels are then ground into a paste with sugar to create this flavorful spread.

This nut butter highlights the best of Antep with deep, rich pistachio flavor and creamy texture. These same pistachios are used by one of the finest baklava makers in Gaziantep, known to be the birthplace of baklava. When we’re not enjoying it by the spoonful, we like to spread it on toasted bread, mix into icing for desserts, blend into smoothies or top ice cream.