Heirloom Bulgur Fine


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  • Ingredients – heirloom wheat
  • Size – 8.8 oz. | 250 g.
  • Origin – Antakya, Turkey

Bulgur is an ancient grain that dates back to the earliest forms of civilization. Highly nutritious, this ancient grain can be substituted for quinoa, rice, or barley. To produce bulgur, wheat is picked, partially boiled, dried and then cracked into various sizes. Our producer, Teofarm, uses traditional methods of growing and production to supply us with this delicious heirloom grain.

Our heirloom bulgur is made from the “Karakilcik” variety of ancient wheat that has been cultivated for thousands of years. This specific type of wheat, which is darker in color, is higher in fiber and protein and easier to digest due to the lower gluten content compared to typical varieties of wheat. We source our heirloom “Karakilcik” variety of bulgur in both coarse and fine grinds and are proud to work with Teofarm to share it with you.

Fine bulgur, once bloomed, is used in traditional Middle Eastern dishes such as tabbouleh or kibbeh, grain salads, the binding for meatballs, and soups.

Directions: To bloom, boil cold water, then pour boiling water over bulgur in a shallow bowl, at a ratio of 2 parts bulgur to one part hot water. Mix thoroughly and seal with wrap. Let bulgur sit for 10 minutes, uncover, and mix thoroughly with a fork.