our producers


Teofarm is located in the Hatay province in southeastern Turkey on the Mediterranean sea. Teofarm was founded by members of a family who have been cultivating the land around Hatay since the 1700s. The operation was founded on the principle of sustainability: cultivating heirloom varieties of grains, fruits, and vegetables while using traditional farming methods. Teofarm has an immense emphasis on preserving the seeds of heirloom grains, fruits, and vegetables in hopes of reintroducing these forgotten varieties back to the consumer. They also work with small farmers to source their raw ingredients and educate their partner farmers on better agricultural practices to prevent the use of pesticides and to respect the land.

From Teofarm, we source our heirloom “Karakilcik” variety of bulgur in both coarse and fine grinds, our tomato and pepper paste, and our favorite pumpkin pieces and whole figs in syrup.


Celebiogullari is located in the Gaziantep province in the southeastern region of Turkey. Celebiogullari is a family-run operation and one of the most famous baklava makers in Gaziantep, a city acknowledged by UNESCO for its gastronomy. Celebiogullari sources their pistachios and ingredients from farmers in the Gaziantep region. Their baklava is made by hand and baked in a wood-fired oven. What separates Celebiogullari from other baklava makers is that they are completely transparent in their production methods and want to share that with others.

We source our pistachio butter from Celebiogullari and we are, in turn, proudly sharing their products and story with you.