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artisan anatolian pantry

We specialize in artisanal, small-batch pantry products highlighting the culinary diversity of Anatolia. Koy means “village” in Turkish, and our mission is to share the gastronomic bounty, flavors, and stories from our homeland. For millennia, Anatolia, the land of present-day Turkey, has been the intersection of east meeting west–cultures coming together to enrich diversity.

Koy Pantry is an immigrant-founded company. We support small producers and create a sustainable supply chain of imported goods from Turkey. By working directly with producers, we are able to offer premium, high-quality, fresh products with an emphasis on seasonality and traditional production methods dating back to early Anatolian civilizations. In turn, we offer farmers greater financial security.

We value high-quality ingredients, both for more delicious and flavorful dishes and for transparency as to what’s inside them. Our goal is to be your source for wholesome, high-quality pantry items sourced in an ethical, thoughtful way, all while introducing new flavors to your palette.


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